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Polopadang And Deatanna (Part 2)

One day, Polopadang arrived at the waterfront. In the distance the skyline. He was hampered by a vast ocean to reach the edge of the sky. Polopadang cry of despair. How to cross the sea?

When it appears an albino buffalo (aka. Tedong Bulan). On his back stuck a spear.
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Polopadang And Deatanna (Part 1)

On a sunny day, Polopadang came out for a walk alone. He is still single. Suddenly, he saw the light of the Rainbow are based on a garden corn. Polopadang stunned, her curiosity emerged. Wonder and amazement, in his mind asks why Rainbows could appear in there ? He then ran down there.
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Dictionary Toraja - English

Dictionary Toraja-English is a handbook that can help you when do the travel to Toraja  or when you do study literature about Toraja. In this dictionary you can found the meaning of words that usually used in both  main ceremony type that held in Toraja.

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Usage A Bamboo As Media For Cooking Food

Cook in a bamboo tube for Torajan is a conventional method that always do. It is a typically food of Torajan that called with Piong. There are several types, but usually find in common fiesta is this one. As a traditional cuisine, Pa'piong was popular menu offered for the guests who attend in a custom ceremony. Also with a special drink called tuak (palm wine).
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Tau Tau : History and The Making

There are four stages in the manufacture of both Tau Tau Nangka’ or Tau Tau Lampa, namely:
a. Stage Manglelleng Kayu Nangka’ (Jackfruit wood cutting). In stage one must be sacrificed as an offering dogs to cast out the spirits contained in the tree ...

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Tau Tau In Toraja Culture System

Torajan is a society Devotees Ancestors, and is often referred to as a museum of ethnography. Archaeological heritage, behavioral and philosophy are reflecting a traditional society with sincerity and continue maintaining its tradition from generation to generation, although its people professes Christianity and Islam.
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What's The Unique Custom That Toraja Have?

There are many attraction you will find when visiting the great high land of Toraja, some of them just performed when the local society carrying out a big event of their custom such as Mangrara banua...
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"Aluk To Dolo"

Before Torajans profess Christianity, and Islamic, have been known a belief in animism that from their ancestors called Aluk Todolo.
After the entry of Christian in this region...
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Why Buffalo Considered As Prominently Animals For Torajans?

The Buffaloes (aka.''Tedong'' in Torajan language), that classified as water buffalo.
When you visit Toraja, especially before you reached Rantepao (capital of North Toraja), for the first you will find the buffalo statue that called "Tedong Bonga". Located in Rura's area...

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Toraja Religion

Nowadays, 'Aluk Todolo', the ancestral religion, is almost can't be found in the community. They are already adherents of Protestants, Catholics and Moslem. But they are still follow the traditional customs of their ancestors. Aluk Todolo officially recognised as related to ...

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Toraja People (Part 2)

Hilltops were considered sacred by the Torajans as the first ancestors descended there, and villages were formerly built on the summits. Fortified walls surrounded the villages, providing a defensive shield against enemies. ...

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Toraja People

The Torajans are believed to belong to the same Proto-Malay group as the Dayaks of Kalimantan and the Bataks of Sumatera. However, there are many similarities ethnologically betwen them and the people of ancient Annam, ...

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History Of Toraja Name

In former times, Toraja was called "Tondok Lepongan Bulan Tana Matarik Allo". The name of Toraja begin in used in 17th century when the Torajan Community making relationship in trade with their neighbours especially with Bugis-Luwuk and Bugis-Sidenreng Kingdoms territory.

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Levels of Toraja House

There are different types of tongkonans depending on the status or class of the group, as well as the area where it is located.
The tongkonan is built on three levels each serving a separate function. The 'sulluk' is underside of house where the buffaloes are kept.

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History Of Toraja House

The traditional house of Toraja is called 'TONGKONAN'.
The Tongkonan of the Torajans is a kinship house belonging to a family unit. Made of wood, it is raised on piles with the roof rising on each end, like the bow and stern of a ship.
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Where Toraja People Located ?

Toraja people inhabit Celebes Island-Indonesia, to be exact located at north side South Celebes Province that constitute large area mountain up to the midle of the island.

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