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Top 7 Hotels In Tana Toraja


Hotels in Toraja cater to people of all tastes. A hotel might offer deluxe or luxury rooms depending upon your budget.
You can review some of Hotels that exist used by tourist when visit Toraja...

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10 Great Travel Tips

I have been to 80 cities in 30 countries. I'm not a travel expert by any means, but I do have some travel advice for the next guy. The biggest tip I can give is to do your research. Most of the tips I'm going to provide fall in this category and will be explained in greater detail...
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What's The Unique Custom That Toraja Have?

There are many attraction you will find when visiting the great high land of Toraja, some of them just performed when the local society carrying out a big event of their custom such as Mangrara banua...
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Tourism: Trekking Deep Within Beautiful Panorama In Toraja

Do you like trekking? If you do, try to visit Tana Toraja, a tourism destination with more attractive place for you who love trekking. If you just leisure this is for you too. You can found many interesting arts and local culture that Toraja have...
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