Art of Toraja

Tau Tau : History and The Making

There are four stages in the manufacture of both Tau Tau Nangka’ or Tau Tau Lampa, namely:
a. Stage Manglelleng Kayu Nangka’ (Jackfruit wood cutting). In stage one must be sacrificed as an offering dogs to cast out the spirits contained in the tree ...
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Tau Tau In Toraja Culture System

Torajan is a society Devotees Ancestors, and is often referred to as a museum of ethnography. Archaeological heritage, behavioral and philosophy are reflecting a traditional society with sincerity and continue maintaining its tradition from generation to generation, although its people professes Christianity and Islam...
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The Carvings

Passura' (aka.Carvings) is a decorative and sculpture forms in Toraja architecture. Toraja carving (Passura') always used in Tongkonan, and they have more type, mean and name for each one. The pictures below show some of the types of Toraja carvings in the cultural life of Toraja people...
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Toraja Carvings

Toraja carving (Passura') are a complement of house building (Tongkonan), and as a symbol that has a specific meaning. Carving is a decorative and sculpture forms in Toraja architecture, which is divided into 4 groups according to the role and meaning of each of these carvings .....
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