Toraja Carvings

By   : L.T. Tangdilintin  [Tongkonan(Rumah Adat Toraja),1976]
Category     :  Art/Carving

Toraja carving (Passura') are complement of house building (Tongkonan), and as a symbol that has a specific meaning. Carving is a decorative and sculpture forms in Toraja architecture, which is divided into 4 groups according to the role and meaning of each of these carvings, which are:

Garonto' Passura' (Fundamental Carvings)
That have the role as a symbols of the basic life of Toraja people.
Consist of :

  • Pa' Barre Allo
Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Barre Allo

  •  Pa' Manuk Londong
Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Bulu Londong
  • Pa' Tedong
Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Tedong
  •  Pa' Sussuk
Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Sussuk

Passura' To Dolo (Head Carvings)
That symbolizes the life guidance, rules of life, worship and equipment for the ceremonies event; they are :

  • Pa' Erong
  • Pa' Ulu Karua
  • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Ulu Karua

  • Pa' Doti Langi'
  • Pa' Kadang Pao
  • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Kadang Pao
  • Pa' Barana'
  • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Barana'
  • Pa' Lolo Tabang
  • Pa' Daun Bolu
  • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Daun Bolu
  • Pa' Daun Paria
  • Pa' Bombo Uai
  • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Bombo Uai
  • Pa' Kapu' Baka 

Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Kapu' Baka
    • Pa' Tangke Lumu'
    • Pa' Bungkang Tasik
    • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Bungkang Tasik
    • Pa' Lolo Paku
    • Pa' Tangki' Pattung
    • Pa' Katik
    • Pa' Talinga Tedong, etc

    Passura' Malolle (Carving of Development)
    The carvings that symbolizes development and association of human life, that can be used in all part of place where the carved, like a house, barn, equipment and trappings in ceremonial.
    Also, most use in carved commonly house and Tongkonan that not have a custom role (Tongkonan Batu A'riri).

    The carvings that include of this group, are :
    • Pa' Sala'bi'
    • Pa' Tanduk Ra'pe
    • Pa' Takku Pare
    • Pa' Bunga Kaliki
    • Pa' Poya Mundan
    • Pa' Bulintang Siteba'
    • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Bulintong Siteba'
    • Pa' Bulintang Situru'
    • Pa' Karrang Longa
    • Pa' Papan Kandaure
    • Passura' Passulan
    • Pa' Sepu' To Rongkong
    • Ukiran Toraja - Pa' Sepu' To Rongkong
    Passura' Pa'barean
    That symbolize the excitement and have a mass or plural motif, many used in ceremonial equipment and trappings in decorative arts of Toraja; consist of :
    • Pa' Manik Bu'ku'
    • Pa' Ara' Dena'
    • Pa' Komba Kalua'
    • Pa' Barra'-Barra'
    • Pa' Bua Kapa'
    • Pa' Gayang
    Those above, was part of types of Toraja carvings that estimated numbers is about 80 and not all at once installed in an object.
    But sometimes only a few of them are placed that significance in accordance with its function.

    There are still one type of carving that is not behind when installation, namely Pa' Bannangan. This type is stright line and serve as a barrier, or as section of any engraving.

    To sculpt with decorative Toraja multiformity, just take 4 kind of colors, as follow :
    - Malotong (black)
    - Mabusa (white)
    - Mararang (red)
    - Mariri (Yellow)
    and, these colors have meaning apart.


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