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Cook in a bamboo tube for Torajan is a conventional method that always do. It is a typically food of Torajan that called with Piong. There are several types, but usually find in common fiesta is this one. As a traditional cuisine, Pa'piong was popular menu offered for the guests who attend in a custom ceremony. Also with a special drink called tuak (palm wine).
Guests or visitors that present at the ceremony will be placed in "lantang" that is made specifically to receive the guests. First, the guest will be offered with pangngan (for female guests) and cigarettes (for male guests) as a symbol of appreciation from the family of conducting a ceremony for their guests.

Generally, tourist who came in Toraja to see how the processing of the ceremony, whether it is burial (mourning ) or gratitude ceremonies that called "mangrara banua".

In mourning ceremony, numbers of buffalo that slaughterd of tens or even hundreds.

Attractively when slaughtering held, do without tide up buffalo, someone who will do this procession usually is an expert. One hand holding the rein rope and the other holding the machete. While point upwarding buffalo head, with once swing own's machete in neck buffalo.

Ma'Tinggoro Tedong
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This procession is called as Ma'Tinggoro Tedong. After the buffalo fall down usually there are person with sprightly will accommodate buffalo blood with media bamboo. Next, this blood will be use as a mixture of ingredients for cooking pa'piong.

Ma' Tinggoro Tedong
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Piong for community of Toraja is a typical dish of food and have always made at the time of the ceremony somewhere in both rambu tuka ' or rambu solo' ceremony .

There are two types of Piong in general, and in distinction from the making.
1. Piong with the main material of the sticky rice, made at the time gratitude to God ceremony in harvest. Usually called as Pa'piong Bo'bo '.

Pa'Piong Bo'bo'
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2. Piong with the main ingredients of meat and vegetables mixed with a simple mixture. Called as Pa’piong Duku’.
Pa 'piong duku' was given this name more appropriate type of meat used and divided as:
a. Pa'piong duku 'tedong (meat of buffalo)
b. Pa'piong duku 'Bai (meat of pigs)
c. Pa'piong duku 'manuk (meat of chicken)

Pa'Piong Manuk
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d. Pa’piong Bale (meat of fish)

Pa'piong duku 'tedong and duku' bai generally mixed use mayana ( Coleus scutellarioides) leafs and a few places in the Toraja region replace it with Apple Guava (Psidium guajava) leafs, while for pa'piong duku ' manuk use sliced banana tree mixed with coconut grating, for Torajan in Sa’dan (the northern of Toraja) named the pa'piong duku 'manuk as Pa’piong Burak.

Pa'piong cooked in bamboo tubes measure approximately 70 cm with diameter of 6 - 8cm. The concoction of this cuisine is accommodate all the meat that has been prepared in the previous patch in a large vessel, and mixed with some measure of buffalo blood. Stirred together with the added mayana leaves, some other spices, chilli and salt sufficient, after the compound is then inserted in the bamboo tube filled with the ¾ full and then corked with a leaf stalk mayana or banana leaf. Finally , ready to burn on the fireplace that usually made to accommodate 8-10 bamboo of pa'piong. Bamboos based on in a row over the fireplace .

Burning Pa'Piong
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At the time of burning must be controlled so that it does not on fire . Pa'piong that has been cooked and then cooled, cleaned with peeled the skin burnt and ready to presented for the guests.


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