Polopadang And Deatanna (Part 1)

by                                            : Bua' Sarungallo
category                                 : History and Culture

On a sunny day, Polopadang came out for a walk alone. He is still single. Suddenly, he saw the light of the Rainbow are based on a garden corn. Polopadang stunned, her curiosity emerged. Wonder and amazement, in his mind asks why Rainbows could appear in there ? He then ran down there.

Arrive in there, he was flabbergasted. He saw a beautiful girl is stepping down from the Rainbow. Mindlessly, Polopadang crashing out and embraced her tightly.
Embraced by a man who is not known, the girl who turns out was a goddess of the heaven named Deatanna immediately snapped: "why you dare touch me that a goddess!"

" Beautiful Princess, I want to make you as my wife," answer Polopadang without trepidation.
Deatanna rebelled, attempting to escape, but failed. Polopadang too tight hugs. Polopadang does not want the goddess regardless of his hand. Deatanna finally gave up and accepting Polopadang proposed. But, on the condition that Polopadang should not be uttered the word vile nor a curse.

"If you say the words, I will return to the heaven", firm Deatanna.
Polopadang promised not to violate the requirements of the given Deatanna.
Deatanna stay with him on Earth. Living pillars with Polopadang who founded the House in Gantanan. From their marriage was born a son named Pairunan.

One day, when Pairunan was engrossed playing a top that Polopadang made for him, top it off on his father's feet. Polopadang shocked. Nerve pain jerking. Without he realize, he was cursing his son.

Hear the speech of her husband Deatanna immediately called the Rainbow, and with Pairunan up to the sky, go back to heaven. Polopadang trying to ride the Rainbow but failed. Polopadang stay alone on Earth, single-handedly, mourning his fate.

Life for him does not mean anymore. The bustle of everyday could reduce the desire to Deatanna and Pairunan. Polopadang then departs from Gantanan, down the Earth's surface, looking for his wife and son.

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