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Tana Toraja is one of the most exotic tourist destination of Indonesia. Toraja is under the territory of South Sulawesi which is about 30 minutes drive from Pongtiku Airport in Toraja or about 8 hours from Makassar, the main capital city of South Sulawesi. Toraja is well-known as a main tourist destination of Indonesia offering nice landscape, mountain view, rice fields with terraces, and also unique culture and traditional from Torajanese people.

Since tourism is one of the main industries for this region, the accommodations are top class. You can choose your place of stay according to your preference and budget. You might go for modest facilities in a medium sized hotel or you might put up in a luxurious and trendy resort with a huge room and a glorious view.

Hotels in Toraja cater to people of all tastes. A hotel might offer deluxe or luxury rooms depending upon your budget.

You can review some of the Hotels that exist used by tourist when visit Toraja. This simple guide to the 7 top hotels in Tana Toraja that we found and collecting from some source:

1. Indra Toraja Hotel -  (Star: )
     Location : Rantepao - Jl. Landorundun No.63

Indra Toraja Hotel
The Indra Toraja Hotel features affordable accommodation through its 65 spacious and air-conditioned guest rooms. Guest at the Indra Toraja may arrange to use the Hotel's equipped conference rooms and business center for organizing corporate events and social gatherings. The Hotel also offers various dining options including a restaurant located within the premises.

2. Misiliana Toraja Hotel - (Star: )
     Location : Rantepao - Jl. Jurusan Makale 

Misiliana Toraja Hotel
Misiliana Hotel Tana Toraja is located in Tana Toraja, Rantepao the Majestic highlands of South Sulawesi. Misiliana Hotel Tana Toraja decorated and designed with architecture and atmosphere of Toraja land. 

This hotel offers rooms that feature contemporary furnishings and d├ęcor. The friendliness of the staff of Misiliana Hotel Toraja and excellent facilities and fine cuisine complement the beauty of its surrounding.

3. Toraja Prince Hotel - (Star:
     Location: Rantepao
Toraja Prince Hotel Tana Toraja is set amidst lovely gardens. Surrounded by lush green vegetation and offering an insight into the Torajanese culture.

Toraja Prince Hotel Tana Toraja offers you a scope to explore the subtle nuances of the Torajanese culture as well as enjoy the traditional Toraja hospitality and warmth. From the location of Toraja Prince Hotel Tana Toraja, you can visit a number of interesting destinations.

Each room offers a splendid view from the mini-terrace. The rooms are all airy, spacious and surrounded by dense vegetation. Room facilities at Toraja Prince Hotel include all the modern amenities to make your stay most comfortable.


4. Marante Toraja Hotel - (Star: ) 
     Location: Rantepao - Jl. Jurusan Palopo

Marante Toraja Hotel
The Marante Toraja Hotel is a constant favorite among travelers. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, guests of the Marante Toraja can find everything they need from spacious, swimming pool to state of the art meeting facilities.

Tongkonan or Toraja traditional houses are symbolic of kinship and hospitality. This is reflected in the architecture and atmosphere of Hotel Marante Toraja. A Haven of luxury and tranquility, ideal for travelers exploring Tana Toraja.

Continental and Indonesian delicacies promise fine dining at the Maleo Restaurant. Relaxed evenings to complement a perfect day. A traditional cultural performance, cocktail in the club lounge, or a quiet drink at the bar. Meet the friendly staffs, enjoy excellent facilities and the beauty of its surrounding.


5. Sahid Hotel in Toraja - (Star: )
     Location : Mengkedek - Jl. Raya Gettengan No.1
The Sahid Hotel is one of the best hotels to stay at while in town. All hotel's guestrooms have all the conveniences expected in a hotel in its class to suit guests' utmost comforts. The accommodation contains all of the facilities and conveniences you would expect from a hotel in its class.
This hotel is characterized by a combination of modern comfort and traditional element of Sulawesi Selatan (South Sulawesi), making it a distinct accommodation


6. Toraja Heritage Hotel - (Star: ) 
     Location: Rantepao - Jl. Kete kesu

Heritage Hotel Tana Toraja is located in the rugged mountain peaks of South Central Sulawesi which gives you an experience of your lifetime. The Location of Toraja Heritage Hotel is convenient for the guests explore the city.

The warmth of their hospitality is what makes Heritage Hotel Toraja special and makes you look forward to it.

Heritage Hotel Tana Toraja has some of the best landscaping and tropical gardens. All guests can relish their stay where all their needs are met up with smiling faces.
For shopaholics, there are many markets and shops alongside the streets where you simply cannot resist the bargains. For those who dare to be adventurous, there is an array of activities like mountain biking, hiking, mountaineering and many more.


7. Luta Resort, Tana Toraja - (star : )
     Location : Rantepao - Jl. Dr. Ratulangi. No.26 

Luta Resort, Tana Toraja
Luta Resort Tana Toraja is one of the best and favorite hotels in Rantepao, Toraja, located at the center of Rantepao with view over the rice fields and mountains, on the back of the hotel adjacent to the River Sa'dan

Luta Resort in Toraja was adapted from the local traditional architecture of Torajan House. Interiorly furnish with International standard amenities of a starred hotel.

Quality services paired with stylish amenities assure the guests with a comfortable and luxurious stay at Luta Hotel Toraja. The hotel is plush but quite affordable. If you want to have luxury at an affordable price then this is the best holiday retreat for you.

The picturesque locale, wonderful accommodation facilities and the assortment of amenities are the reason for which the accommodation is regarded as a favorite of the tourists.

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Video : Toraja Pop Song [D'Nada Trio - Sa'bara'ko Untayanna']

category :  Video Music Pop Toraja

Video : Toraja Pop Song [D'Nada Trio - Sa'bara'ko Untayanna']

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Polopadang And Deatanna (Part 2)

by                                         : Bua' Sarungallo

category                              : History and Culture

One day, Polopadang arrived at the waterfront. In the distance the skyline. He was hampered by a vast ocean to reach the edge of the sky. Polopadang cry of despair. How to cross the sea?

When it appears an albino buffalo (aka. Tedong Bulan). On his back stuck a spear.

"Why are you crying?" He told Polopadang.
Polopadang tells his desire to reach the edge of the sky to climb into the sky looking for his wife and son.

Tedong bulan promised to take him across the sea, provided that Polopadang willing to pull out the spear stuck in his body.

Polopadang not just pull out the spear, but also promised that he and his descendants will not eat the meat of albino buffalo. (That was the beginning of why Toraja people does not eat meat of "albino buffalo"). Who breaks the promise Polopadang, would be affected with scurvy.

Tedong Bulan then transports Polopadang up to the edge of the sky. Apparently, there also he could not climb into the sky. Again he cried sniffle.

Hear the cries Polopadang, the Sun feel moved. Sun asks her sister, the Moon, for bringing Polopadang to the sky.

With the help of the Moon, Polopadang finally arrived at the sky. He then hid near a well, when one of the girls maid Deatanna, come take a water bath for Pairunan. Polopadang secretly put a top that he brought from Earth into the water tube.

When Pairunan was fun washed away, a top fall out of water tube. Pairunan and Deatanna aware that Polopadang has reached the heavens.

However, suffered Polopadang not over. When he was about to meet his wife, he was ordered to carry water in a basket for his wife.

How is it possible? Polopadang back tears of despair.

As well as on the Earth, animals in the sky also intrigued to hear cries of polopadang. At first the eel come to help. He was wrapping his body in the basket, so that water can be transported without dripping out. In return, Polopadang had to promise that he and his descendants would not eat the meat of eel. Without other options, Polopadang then promise.

Transporting the water successfully met, appears other terms. Polopadang have to supplying water from the well to the house Deatanna, that distance is far enough. Fortunately a group of crab willing to help dig the drains.

After making the channel, he was required to spend all of sweet potatoes in the garden. Boar reaches out for help. whole sweet potatoes out devoured by the hordes of boar.

Deatanna not yet convinced. Polopadang was ordered again to fill the four fruit basket with corn seeds. Should not be at once,, but must be entered one by one, the seeds for the seed. Mice turn helps Polopadang.

Deatanna heart finally persuaded. She and Pairunan willing to return to earth. But there is one condition that must be filled Polopadang.

As a husband and father, he should be able to recognize his wife and son among many people in the dark. Fireflies and the Cats came to help Polopadang. The cat approached Deatanna and Pairunan, and meows give instructions for Polopadang. Relying on the sound of a cat, Polopadng over to his wife and son. After the close, firefly landed on bun Deatanna. By flashing fireflies, Polopadang can recognize his wife and son at the same time.


Toraja Folklore or myth, often used by parents in Toraja in the past to convey moral messages for young people, and often retold by word of mouth, from generation to generation.

There is no record that became an official benchmark the actual source of the story. The story remains a myth that is usually only known by their parents or who still know more about the sagas of Toraja.

As it is known that myths usually based upon the beliefs of the local people against the supposition would be something and be forgotten or lost along with the change of the culture and beliefs.

Until now many Toraja People who do not know anymore their local sagas and forget a lot of the attract stories of Toraja.

Hopefully , Myth of Deatanna and Polopadang it could increase the repertory of stories and myths of the past Toraja culture.

Meet For the Next Story .....

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Polopadang And Deatanna (Part 1)

by                                            : Bua' Sarungallo
category                                 : History and Culture

On a sunny day, Polopadang came out for a walk alone. He is still single. Suddenly, he saw the light of the Rainbow are based on a garden corn. Polopadang stunned, her curiosity emerged. Wonder and amazement, in his mind asks why Rainbows could appear in there ? He then ran down there.

Arrive in there, he was flabbergasted. He saw a beautiful girl is stepping down from the Rainbow. Mindlessly, Polopadang crashing out and embraced her tightly.
Embraced by a man who is not known, the girl who turns out was a goddess of the heaven named Deatanna immediately snapped: "why you dare touch me that a goddess!"

" Beautiful Princess, I want to make you as my wife," answer Polopadang without trepidation.
Deatanna rebelled, attempting to escape, but failed. Polopadang too tight hugs. Polopadang does not want the goddess regardless of his hand. Deatanna finally gave up and accepting Polopadang proposed. But, on the condition that Polopadang should not be uttered the word vile nor a curse.

"If you say the words, I will return to the heaven", firm Deatanna.
Polopadang promised not to violate the requirements of the given Deatanna.
Deatanna stay with him on Earth. Living pillars with Polopadang who founded the House in Gantanan. From their marriage was born a son named Pairunan.

One day, when Pairunan was engrossed playing a top that Polopadang made for him, top it off on his father's feet. Polopadang shocked. Nerve pain jerking. Without he realize, he was cursing his son.

Hear the speech of her husband Deatanna immediately called the Rainbow, and with Pairunan up to the sky, go back to heaven. Polopadang trying to ride the Rainbow but failed. Polopadang stay alone on Earth, single-handedly, mourning his fate.

Life for him does not mean anymore. The bustle of everyday could reduce the desire to Deatanna and Pairunan. Polopadang then departs from Gantanan, down the Earth's surface, looking for his wife and son.

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